About SamuraiTrip


Why we’re here

We used to do a traditional tour service. But it has permanently shut down due to the pandemic. But our heart with a passion in Japan is still beating.

From many years that we have been exploring Japan. Everyday in Japan is magical. Great food, nice places, good people and wonderful nature. So here we are! We have decided to start a travel blog in order to share useful and comprehensive informations about Japan in a fun way!

Why Samurai?

We are very into history and story of Japanese samurai. The history about ‘samurai’ has been spreading all around the world and it seems to be a common Japanese term that everyone is familiar with. Combining with our main goal that is to make the information on this website casual and fun. So we came up with a concept of a samurai being your travel guide who brings you precious moments in Japan.

Let SamuraiTrip be your guide and take you to magical places in Japan