Aizuwakamatsu City 1day model course

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110:00 Aizuwakamatsu Station

About a 10-minute Haikarasan ride from Aizuwakamatsu Station to Nanokamachi chuo

210:10 The Aizu Shinsengumi Memorial Hall

5 minutes by walk

310:40 Shirokiya Laquerware shop

5 minutes by walk

411:10 The Showa Natsukashi (Nostalgia) Museum

About a 10-minute Haikarasan ride from Nanokamachi Shirokiya to Tsurugajo Kitaguchi

511:40 Tsurugajo Kaikan(Lunch)

5 minutes by walk

612:20 Tsurugajo Castle

About a 10-minute Haikarasan ride from Tsurugajo Castle to Oyakuen

713:40 Oyakuen Medicinal Gardens

About a 5-minute bus ride

814:45 The Aizu Bukeyashiki - Samurai Residence

About a 30-minute bus ride

916:00 Aizuwakamatsu Station

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