"Expansive Ramble" Course

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Walk around the slopes and into the temples. You can enjoy the "Town of Slopes" for an entire day. It is recommended for the first time traveler to Onomichi.


1JR Onomichi Station

5 minutes by walk

2Jikoji Temple

10 minutes by walk

3Three Literature Pavilions Tour

This tour takes you to the homes of three famous writers' including Shiga Naoya, Nakamura Kenkichi, and Hayashi Fumiko. Their roots are deeply ingrained in Onomichi. The view from the tourist spot is another charm of this tour. You will be able to witness the magnificent view of Onomichi-waterway.

30 minutes by walk

4Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cats) Art Museum

2 minutes by walk

5Ropeway Station at the foot of the mountain.

About a 3-minute ropeway ride

6Sightseeing of Senkoji Temple & Park

20 minutes by walk

7Onomichi Motion Picture Museum, Onomichi Historical Museum

Many tourists enjoy taking pictures at the entrance of this pavilion where an original cinema projector stands. Another is the newly opened museum in the style of a "Classical Bank Building" which was remodeled and displays a retrospective atmosphere. It is now the "Onomichi Historical Museum".

10 minutes by walk

8Jodoji Temple

About a 5-minute bus ride

9JR Onomichi Station

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