"Shimanami Cycling" Course

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Will you cycle around the islands by a rent a cycle while bathing in the salt breeze from the ocean? Staying in Innoshima or Setoda is recommended.


1JR Onomichi Station

3 minutes by walk

2At the harbor parking lot in front of the station

You can rent a bicycle for 1,000 yen a day.

You can rent a bicycle in the corner of the parking lot. Get on your bicycle and head for Shimanami Sea Route.

1 minute by bicycle

3A Pier in front of Onomichi Station

You can get to Mukaishima by ferry boat from in front of Onomichi Station. Enjoy the 5 minute voyage.

5 minutes by ferry boat

4Mukaishima Orchid Center

 Innoshima bridge

5Innoshima Suigun Pirates Castle and Innoshima Flower Center

 Ikuchijima bridge

6A town walk in Ikuchijima Island and Setoda (Kosanji Temple, Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art, etc.)

 Express ferry from Setoda Port : about 40 minutes

7JR Onomichi Station

You may enjoy the challenge of cycling all the way to Imabari city if you come to Setoda. Go as far as you have energy and time.

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