Sakura no Sato

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Sakura no Sato, a vast site, which spread to Omuro foothills 40,000㎡ of 15km to the south of Ito city, in the park that about 40 species 1500 cherry trees have been planted, developed over the 1979 fiscal year from 1977 degrees It has been.

Than "Foundation Nihonsakuranokai", it has been certified in the land of cherry attractions 100 selections.

Begin to bloom in October cherry tree in mid-September, Samusakura of from winter to spring, coldest season Sakura, Sakura Ito, Yoshino cherry tree, weeping cherry tree, Sakura Oshima Yae Beni, Sakura Oshima, such as Sekiyama, Shogetsu-back Metropolitan of double cherry, 5 over a period of about eight months until the beginning of the month, various types of cherry blossoms against a background of Omuro will bloom constantly.

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Japanese Name
15km from JR Ito station.About 30 minutes by car.