Kanazawa’s Kitchen! Ohmicho Market

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December 28, 2016

Ohmicho Market is located in central Kanazawa, and a short 15 minute stroll from Kanazawa Station. It is the absolute one-stop-shopping experience for visitors to the area looking to find what’s in season in the local waters and fields, or even better yet, to have a taste!

Ohmicho Market started off as a morning market some 300 years ago during the Edo Era, and is popularly known as “Kanazawa’s Kitchen”. It houses close to 200 shops and restaurants, and long before the market opens at 9:00, shopkeepers are already busy receiving their daily deliveries of seafood and farm produce from the local area fishing ports and agribusinesses.

Much of the seafood on display is fresh-off-the-boat fresh, and visitors to the market can treat themselves to raw oysters, sweet shrimp, and sea urchins, all served up local style by the shopkeepers. And best yet, no need for a seat or reservation! Just find one of the stalls with the mini counters set out in front, and savor a delightful mouthful of rich ocean goodness!

There’s also fresh local produce, such as fruits, vegetables, and roots. Plus, many of the market stalls also offer up pickled varieties, and pickled seafoods, which draw upon local traditions handed down through the generations.

A few shops also offer dried konbu, shiitake mushrooms, and sardines, all of which are often used in traditional Japanese cooking to create what is often considered the base taste, the umami, of Japanese dishes.

Visitors to the market looking for a bit more than a quick taste of the succulent fares are in luck, as there are a number of restaurants located throughout the market. As can be hoped, most all of them do serve fresh sushi and sashimi, in addition to many other offerings. A word of warning though, as visitors should expect to stand a little as the lines can get long, but hey, fresh fish!

I’m obsessed with the freshness and variety of the seafood available here in Kanazawa. It has much to do with how cold waters rich with nutrients from the North and warm waters from the South meet and commingle off the coastline here in the Sea of Japan. This condition is conducive to plankton growth, and this growth winds its way up the ocean food chain, providing an area rich in small and large fish, and a wide assortment of marine life.

Or, alternatively, take it from the nation that knows fresh seafood best, Japan! I’ve met folks from all different parts of Japan, and I’ll often hear from them that some of the best seafood in Japan, especially in the winter time, can be found in right here in Kanazawa.

Bon appétit!


Open: 9:00 - 17:00 (may vary by shop)

Address: 50 Ohmi-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture

Phone Number: +81-762-31-1462

Website (Japanese):


John Lee

I've been here in Japan for 10 years now, and all of it in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. It's a relatively small, but amazingly rich cultural center, and surrounded on all sides by beautiful natural environs, all within a short striking distance!

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