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Tosa Diary Tsurayuki Festival
Tosa Diary Tsurayuki Festival
This festival commemorates Kino Tsurayuki, 10th-century poet and author of the “Tosa Diary” who served as provincial governor of Nankoku. A historic pageant on Nov. 10 recreates the scenes of his return from Tosa to Kyoto, with participants clad in Heian-era court attire parading in the garden depicted in the “Kokin Wakashu” (Anthology of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poems, compiled in 905) and around Nankoku City’s Gomen-machi district. Cosmos are in full bloom in the garden where sweets made with “azuki” red beans and other delicacies are served. During the festival, exhibitions of chrysanthemums and local products are held, and various restaurants in Nankoku open temporary shops.
Yosakoi Festival
Yosakoi Festival
The Yosakoi Festival in Kochi is one of Japan’s 10 largest festivals. It has been held for more than 60 years as a summer pastime for people in Kochi. It is an energetic and powerful festival which attracts fans from across the country every year. Dancers carry the “naruko” wooden clappers and gyrate their hips. The festival, from Aug. 9 to 12 every year, starts with a fireworks display, putting the entire city in a festive mood. In addition, teams of Yosakoi dancers perform in the city’s central arcade every Sunday from May to July and in front of JR Kochi Station every Sunday from August to December. You can also sample the atmosphere of the Yosakoi Festival at the Kochi Yosakoi Information Exchange Center all year round.


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