Spend an Afternoon Reading Manga for Free at the Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum

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July 19, 2016

Fancy spending an afternoon reading a library full of manga for free? The Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum in Kochi City's Culture Plaza "Culport" includes a large manga library that is open to everyone, even if they haven't paid to enter the museum. Full of both popular manga and the works of lesser-known Tosa artists, it is the perfect spot to relax with an old favourite or discover something new.


Low Tables for Relaxing Reading

Within walking distance of Harimayabashi Bridge and the popular shopping arcade Obiyamachi, the museum is located on Culport’s third floor.


Culture Plaza “Culport”


Entrance to the Museum

As you enter, a statue of Yokoyama Ryuichi's Fuku-chan—the lively young hero of the comic strip of the same name serialized in the Mainichi Shimbun—is waiting to shake your hand.


Statue of Fuku-chan. Shake His Hand and He’ll Greet You!


Search Through All of the Fuku-chan Comics

The manga library is often filled with students, children, and manga fans of all ages quietly reading at the large tables or seated on cushions on the floor. It was here that I first came across Shinya Shokudo (深夜食堂), “Midnight Diner,” by Yaro Abe, a manga artist from Nakamura City in Kochi Prefecture.


Follow Fuku-chan to Learn More About Yokoyama and Kochi Manga


Fuku-chan Lane

The museum itself presents Yokoyama’s life and career, from the founding of the Shin Manga ha Shudan (New Manga Group) in the 1930s to Fuku-chan’s rise to fame to the development of the Otogi Pro animation company.


Whether you're interested in manga, want to learn more about local Tosa artists, or are searching for a way to pass a rainy day in Kochi, the Yokoyama Memorial Manga Museum is a must-see. Yokoyama famously called manga "talking pictures"; what might they say to you?


Address: 2-1 Kutanda, Kochi City, Kochi Prefecture 780-8529

Hours: 9am-6pm (excluding Mondays and New Year’s holidays)

Museum Entrance Fee: adults 410 yen, children are free

Website: http://www.bunkaplaza.or.jp/mangakan/english/index...

Sarah Lemmon

Currently working as an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher) in Kochi City, Sarah is a Canadian expat who spends her free time exploring Kochi Prefecture and trying to devise a better way to keep the tanukis out of her garden. She enjoys going to local festivals and eating too much mochi.

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