Narita Airport: Gifts, Souvenirs, and Toilets

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November 15, 2016



With thousands of international travelers using Narita Airport, either as the launching point of their Japan visit or for transit between flights, it’s no wonder there’s a wide variety of shops and facilities. But after a long flight or frantic scramble to finish packing and get to the airport, travelers may wonder where to begin and not have the energy to wander. Here are two suggestions to meet your needs and keep you entertained during your time at Narita Airport.

Your One-Stop Shop for Gifts & Souvenirs: Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA


With a mix of modern tech and traditional Japanese décor, Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA is a souvenir shop with something for everyone, from confectioneries of all kinds to Japanese crafts and the latest electronics.

For the Confectionery Section, Fujin

The shop is divided into two sections, one on either side of the hall. A large anime-style doll dressed in kimono welcomes customers to each store: On the left is Fujin, on the right is Raijin. But these girls aren't fearsome like the gods you will see at many Buddhist temples in Japan. They seem to embody the fusion of old and new that feels so quintessentially Japanese, and sure enough, at Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA you will find both.

The left section offers Japanese snacks and sweets of all kinds, including Tokyo Banana and Shiroi Koibito. Most of the food products have descriptions in English, Chinese and Korean in addition to Japanese, and some also have Thai and Indonesian descriptions. Also in this half of the section are yukata, lacquerware, pottery, traditional dolls, and Japanese spirits sake and shochu.

For the Electronics Section, Raijin

The right section features cameras, headphones, travel products, handbags, watches and jewelry, and electrical appliances, including rice cookers with the latest technology. Here you will also find books on Japan, Gundam figures, and a large section dominated by Totoro dolls.

Fish Lanterns

Whether Akihabara is your mecca or you've never been, you can't go wrong with Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA when shopping for gifts, souvenirs, or something to make your journey more pleasant.

Popular Items at Fa-So-La TAX FREE AKIHABARA


Shiroi Koibito (18 pc. white chocolate)

Shiroi Koibito have marked their 40-year anniversary since going on sale in 1976.

These are sandwiches in which silky white chocolate is inserted between two freshly-baked langue de chat cookies. These sweets were first made to commemorate Hokkaido, but have since become a confection that is representative all of Japan. Moving forward, they will continue to uphold their unchanging deliciousness.

* In the 2010 Area Brand Strategic Survey Analysis performed by Nikkei Research Inc., Shiroi Koibito took No. 1 in the overall ranking for sweets.


Tokyo Banana Original Flavor (8 pieces)

Tokyo Banana has enjoyed more than 20 years' of popularity as a go-to souvenir from Tokyo. Recently, it has become enormously popular with people around the world as a souvenir from Japan. Tokyo Banana is a sweet in which a soft and fluffy sponge cake is stuffed full of banana custard cream. They are made using real bananas that have been thoroughly pureed with a focus on deliciousness. Their delicious flavor will fill your mouth with the subtly sweet taste and aroma of bananas, and serve as an excellent reminder of Tokyo.


ROYCE' Nama Chocolate "Au Lait"

Nama Chocolate is a representative product of Royce'. They use an abundance of fresh cream from Hokkaido to achieve a softness beyond belief and a silky smooth texture that melts in your mouth. The most popular among these is "Au Lait". Blending fresh cream from Hokkaido with milk chocolate and a hint of liquor, which gives a rich flavor. Enjoy the mellow softness that fills your mouth the moment you take a bite, along with their pervasive rich, milky taste.


Kit Kat Mini Uji Green Tea

Japanese-style Kit Kats exclusively found at international airports offer a taste that is uniquely Japanese. They consist of wafers coated in flavorful chocolate with select Uji matcha blended in. These limited edition Kit Kats can only be purchased at international airport terminals. Each carton contains ten boxes, and is convenient since it can be subdivided up. Their packages are designed to give a sense of Japan's uniqueness, making them perfect souvenirs.


Jaga Pokkuru

Jaga Pokkuru use Hokkaido potatoes grown with care by select contracted-farmers, which are then cut with the skins to retain their flavor. They have a crispy texture from a technique unique to potato farms, thereby eliciting the natural flavor of the Hokkaido potatoes. They are seasoned with mild Okhotsk salt, which is made by thoroughly boiling ocean water that has been pumped up from the brackish waters of the Saloma Lagoon, making for a premium product that is completely rooted in Hokkaido.

Fa-So-La SHOPS can also be found at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.


Experience Japanese Toilets Unlike Any Others in Japan, at GALLERY TOTO


It’s always more pleasant to answer nature’s call before or after a long flight. The toilets on airplanes are cramped in the best of circumstances, and often there are other people waiting to use them, so it can be tough to relax, even in the absence of—heaven forbid—turbulence. But the contrast between uncomfortable in-flight restrooms and clean, spacious airport facilities has been taken to an entirely new level with TOTO’s toilet exhibit at Narita Airport in Tokyo. GALLERY TOTO can be found between Terminal 2 Main Building and the Satellite annex (Map), and is open for anyone to use. That’s right, these are restrooms—but what beautiful restrooms they are!

The first thing you will notice is that the entire front wall is a giant video display showing various animated scenes, from neon signs reminiscent of Akihabara to people dancing. To join the party simply step inside, where you will see softly lit signs directing you to either the women’s or men’s side. (The nursery room and restroom for wheelchair users are immediately on the left and right of the entrance, respectively, and may be used by either men or women.)

Nursery room

Multipurpose restroom

The door to each room glows with a soft blue to show it is unoccupied, and turns red when you enter. Each restroom has a seat for securing a small child, so parents can rest at ease. The men’s restrooms also have stylish urinals. The nursery room is single-occupancy, but spacious, and has a changing table for parents with babies or toddlers.

Restrooms glow blue to show they are unoccupied

There are four restrooms each for men and women, but in case you find yourself waiting, you can watch the video display on the wall for a great introduction to the Washlet

The GALLERY TOTO official website:

TOTO’s “Welcome to Japan” website, which provides an in-depth introduction to Japanese toilets:

VR View

To jump to the location of GALLERY TOTO, click and drag until the center white circle is over the bubble that says "GALLERY TOTO." Release the mouse button when the bubble is highlighted to jump. (Internet Explorer not supported.)

If you're a iPhone user, Please click here.

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