Brighten Up Winter at Nikko’s TOBU World Square

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January 20, 2017

Japan is famous for lighting up its parks and city squares with fabulous light displays every winter. Nikko’s own TOBU World Square is no exception! We took a break in the weather as a chance to see how TOBU lights up the world.

The World, in Miniature

Nikko’s TOBU World Square is a small theme park dedicated to replicating the world’s most iconic buildings. Sites like the Pyramids, the Forbidden City, Eiffel Tower, and Ja-pan’s own Kiyomizu Temple are re-created in exacting detail on a miniature scale with cars, trees, and lots of people to help put the buildings in perspective. It’s cute, education-al, and more than a little charming.


But the park literally shines during the winter. The park is illuminated with detailed lights inside the buildings (and cars and trains and planes) and spotlights on the outside but, for the long, dark months, the park adds hundreds, if not thousands of fairy lights to the exhibits. These lights transform the park into a glowing fairyland of light and color complete with tunnels of love and illuminated gardens.

When to Go

TOBU World Square’s Winter Illumination runs from November through March every year. Generally, the park’s illumination viewing hours are from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm, however hours can vary with the weather and holidays, so please call in advance or check the website.

Tickets are ¥1,500 for adults and ¥1,000 for children aged 4 and older. (Hours and prices for the winter illumination are different from normal park hours and prices.)

To reach TOBU World Square, take the train to Kinugawa Onsen Station on the TOBU line. From there, it is a five minute bus ride.

For more information, please call +81-288-77-1055 (in Japanese only) or visit


TOBU World Square boasts several childcare areas, including a large playroom located halfway through the park’s walking circuit. Other guest-comfort amenities include wheel-chair access ramps, smoking and seating areas, and pork and alcohol-free menus in the restaurants and shops.

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