Shirahama Fireworks Festival 2016

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August 10, 2016


July 30 is a fixed date in my calendar. It is the date of the yearly Shirahama fireworks festival (白浜花火フェスティバル). On that day, Shirahama features a one hour fireworks spectacle starting from 8pm. The fireworks are lit from a special 'base' which is set up in the ocean right in front of the beach allowing for a great view.


As the beach is usually crowded during this time of the year, we headed to beach around 5pm to secure ourselves a good spot (The northern end is much quieter and the view is just as good).

Many people will bring plastic sheets and secure themselves a nice spot on either the stairs or the sand.


On this specific day, food stalls are set up on several sections of the beach. From experience I knew the food stalls would get very busy in the later evening, so we grabbed some food around 6pm, sat at the beach and enjoyed the evening atmosphere and sunset.




Time passes quickly when you're having fun and the fireworks started. This year's topic was the scenery of Shirahama, and the sky was lit up with firework as bright as flowers, pouring water and a huge 'weeping willow' in the end. Japanese fireworks at their perfection. Definitely one of my highlights of the year!



Address: 864 Shirahama, Nishimushimuro


JR Shirahama Station is accessible by train from Kyoto and Osaka. Take local route bus number 12, 30, to the stop Shirarahama Beach. Local route bus number 11, 31 go back to the station.

Note that the last train from Shirahama heading north towards Osaka is at 9:34 pm.

Meiko Bus provides highway buses from Kyoto and Osaka (several times a day, 3:30h) to Shirahama Buscenter (at the northern end of the beach at a roundabout close to Family Mart).

There is no bus back after the fireworks.


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