Marina City: Fish Market, European Theme Park and More

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September 16, 2016


Marina City offers several different entertaining places to visit, and is located within easy travel distance from Osaka and Kansai International Airport.

Kuroshio Fish Market

Kurohio Fish market is the place in Marina City to go for a nice seafood lunch. Besides the lunch options, you can enjoy small seafood dishes, such as the popular taco wasabi or sushi, as well as enjoying further activities:

Kuroshio Maguro Fileting Show

One of the highlights of the Kuroshio Fish Market is the Tuna (Maguro) Fileting show. In a 10 min. session (in Japanese), a staff of the market cuts a whole tuna into different parts, explaining how these parts can be used in cooking. While the tuna was cut, the clerk turned to all sides, so that everybody in the audience could see easily. It was interesting to see the different usages of tuna and the fresh tuna could be purchased right afterwards.

There are 3 show times a day: 11 am, 12:30 pm and 3 pm.

Kuroshio Temaki Sushi Workshop

This 20 min. workshop teaches you how to prepare five pieces of tuna nigiri sushi and two pieces of handrolled tuna sushi. It was easy enough to make thanks to the friendly and skilled instructor and I proudly ended up with my own delicious sushi lunch (to be consumed right away or to be taken away). The workshop is only available in Japanese.

To participate in this workshop (11 am, available only on weekends and public holidays) please reserve via phone (Japanese only): +81-73-448-0008

Lunch at Kuroshio

Visitors to the Kuroshio market will most likely have lunch here. The options are endless, from udon and soba noodles, snack food such as fish cake on skewers, to sushi. These foods can be eaten right away in a section close to the waterfront. However the most popular option is to buy food to be put on a BBQ. You buy the uncooked fish and skewers, and then prepare them at a table BBQ at the water front. Can’t get it any fresher than this!

Porto Europe

Porto Europe is a theme park in the style of a meditteranean European city (such as a Spanish, Italian or French city). The admission to the park is free, however rides have to be paid for (a pass including all rides is available). The rides might be more suitable for a younger generation but the charming and very authentic atmosphere of the buildings in this park with beautiful picture spots will make you feel as if you were in Europe (this is coming from somebody who grew up in Europe).

Fruits Village

Fruits Village is basically a Japanese omiyage (souvenir) shop combined with a fruits store. You can find seasonal fruit famous from the Wakayama region such as oranges, peaches, grapes. It is also an excellent place to buy some more exotic, mainly ume, orange and yuzu flavored souvenirs, such as orange cookies, ume and yuzu flavoured noodles, and ume mayonaise. The shop furthermore sells nice sweets and ice cream in many fruity flavours.

Kishu Kuroshio Hot spring Spa

This is a hot spring, featuring a nice ocean view from the outside bath on the second floor. A sauna is also available. On the first floor you can enjoy some fresh fish rice bowls or mikan orange soft ice cream. Admission is 830 yen for adults (1000 yen including a rented towel), 520 yen for children (600 yen including a towel). There is a clear no-tatoo policy as specified outside the hot spring.


To get to Marina City, take a train to JR Kainan Station. Outside the station are buses (Route 116/117/121/146/47 leaving from platform #2), which take you to the terminal station Marina City (15 min, 240 yen). Another option is to take a train to one of the two stations in Wakayama and continue by bus from there: JR Wakayama (bus route 42/43, 121/22; 30 min, 510 yen) or Nankai Wakayamashi Station (Route 42, 116/117; 30 min, 510 yen). Buses run once or twice an hour (check the timetable at the bus stop).


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